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3D illustration has become a huge UI design trend in 2021. Using tools such as Cinema 4D or Blender (free to use by the way) will allow you to create your own, and that will obviously be a great advantage and create masterpieces just like those by Peter Tarka, who is my all-time hero when it comes to 3D illustration.

UX/UI Design

Tips, theory & best practices from beginner to advanced by moonlearning.io

This article is an excerpt from my full course about UX/UI Basics on moonlearning.io You can find a preview video here.

Color is one of the main elements in your UI Design. It can shift the first impression of your product from sophisticated cool to crazy and wild. It is not about mixing pretty colors; it’s about creating a system. But let’s start at the very base and work our way up to pro-level:

Color Values. What to use when.


3 approaches, using vw units

Typography online, such a beauty such a curse! Would it not be amazing to just have it floating nicely with the design and adapting seamlessly, no more breakpoints no more endless team meetings because one client made a screenshot on an iPad mini you did not consider. Let me introduce viewport units to your life and sprinkle some tips and tricks on top to make this dream come true.

📍UPDATE: I wrote this article a while ago while still ignoring accessibility issues (total crime! do not do that!). All the setup is still valid, but px should be converted into…

UX/UI Design + Figma

Improve your workflow. An article by moonlearning.io

Figma, by now, has an extensive list of plugins to get lost in. Quality and update vary greatly. However, once you got the right set, they will improve your UX/UI Design significantly. So to save yourself some time, here is a selection of my favorite plugins worth your while.

Vectary 3D

The 2020/21 winter vacations were a little different for most of us. So if you’re one of the lucky ones who can snuggle up at home and wait for sunnier times, here are some favourite UX/UI design reads to get you ready for 2021:


Yup, the real thing made of paper like in the old days (well or on your Kindle). I still love them, and they are just a bit more comprehensive than a quick google search.

1.Laws of UX

UI +Figma

by moonlearning.io

The original Figma auto layout was released in 2019. Already a nice feature but to be honest, I did not use it too much in my everyday work except on the obvious button or main menu. My main reason was that it went a bit crazy with responsive constraints which I use a lot. Now, this has changed for sure with the latest release in November 2020.

A reminder: What auto layout is/was all about

So to recap, auto-layout basically it lets you create dynamic frames that react and resize according to their content. I am sure you have seen the classic button example. Create a…

Design to Development handoff can be, let's be honest, quite painful. No tool alone will ever be enough to throw some work at your development team and get an amazing result. There is nothing more important than working in a team, exchanging, asking and listening and learning during the collaboration of design and development. BUT there are great tools, tips and tricks to make this process much more efficient.

Part 1 — Using Figmas Version History for structured file handoff

In case you have not noticed, I am a huge, huge Figma fan, and you can find free basic and advanced Figma tutorial in my past articles. One of my favourite…

UI & Figma

Can’t draw? Use Blush!

Made with blush.design

What is Blush?

Blush is a new online tool created by Pablo Stanley that holds a collection of high-quality illustrations from selected artists around the world. The special thing about it is that unlike most other stock imagery, you can fully customize the illustrations, and they are simply stunning! They come in a sort of building-block-system.

Blush It is basically like Lego for Illustration.

Remember the day you discovered Unsplash for photos? Yes, it's a bit like that but for illustration.

Figma and Sketch Plugin

You can play around with the illustrations in the web app, but it gets even better because you can customize everything directly…

UI & Figma

Speed up your workflow, an article by moonlearning.io

Figma, basically the greatest thing since sliced bread and so fast! After a short intro (click here for beginners course), you can jump right into designing. However, Figma also holds a few hidden gems I would like to share with you to improve up your workflow even further. For more online courses, tips and tricks, also visit moonlearning.io.

UI & Figma

Umfassendes Tutorial in 15 Minuten

English Version click here 🇬🇧.

Dieses Tutorial ist für dich, wenn du mit Figma bei null beginnst, von Grafikdesign zu UI wechselst, oder wenn du (wie ich) von Sketch umsteigst.

In den letzten Jahren habe ich Sketch von ganzem Herzen geliebt, und ich bin immer noch ein großer Fan. Doch wenn es um die Zusammenarbeit im Team und die Übergabe geht, begann ein schmerzhaftes Springen und Aktualisieren zwischen Dropbox, Abstract, Craft, Zeplin und InVision. Welche Kombination ich auch immer benutzte, es endete leicht chaotisch und verursachte zusätzliche Kosten. Das Prototyping ist ebenfalls ein wenig klobig. …

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